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5MP Mini Microscope
5MP Mini Microscope
  • NO.  :  MF-A006
    Quantity: 10000
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    Weight: 700g
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product Details:


Automatic,free focus,high pixel and portable,widely used.
Use:It can be used in industry inspection,laboratory research,justice identify,medical care analysis,teaching assistance,jewelry and antique identify,beauty and health care etc. Special for production line application.
Working platforms:windows7 xp、vista、mac、linux
Photograph:taken by the software
Videography:High compression
Loght source:adjustable LED ollumination(USB interface)
Vedio:Video wiht extra-long time-11 hours long & 3.6GB of memory video                                

  Image Format:JPEG
Video Format:DZC,WMV
Focusing: Automatic,free focus                                
Max Size:lens diameter 13.6mm*Product leng 120mm
Display speed:15-30fps
Software Measurement Function : length; radian; angle;( measuring accuracy:1 um)wiht ruler
Software Drawing Function: length segment; radian segment; angle segment; marking
Software Input: text input is available.
Warranty:1 year (customer pay the freight)  Packing:English gift box

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