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3G Eye CCTV Surveillance Camera
3G Eye CCTV Surveillance Camera
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product Details:

3G Eye Camera---GSM For Alarm and Security System

Introducing intelligent wireless Surveillance Camera, 3G EYE. With 3G EYE you can view the camera from anywhere in the world by make one single call to your surveillance camera at your house,shop and anywhere from your 3G Phone. Interesting is it !!

The 3G EYE camera can get connected to 3G network by itself with a 3G SIM card. Customer with 3G phone can dial its “number”, and just like video calls, you can see the video stream from the camera directly.

Using your mobile phone key pad (4 & 6) , you can move the camera to two direction to reach more viewing angle. Night Vision mode is also included and will be activated automatically when necessary. System setting can be reached directly through 3G connection to change your password, add / remove user account and activate the video recording. Recorded video will be stored inside the T-Flash memory card.

The camera can remember your phone number as an authorized access. You just need to complete the authentication through SMS + PIN when you first connect to the 3G camera.

- Auto video / voice record via SMS 
- Real time video monitor 
- Real time taking picture via SMS 
- Different recording mode 
- High level security access 
- Camera sharing function 
- Smart reporting to host number


Technical Specification
- Band WCDMA 2100 (3G Network) 
- Built in lithium battery 
- External power supply 
- 1.3 MP camera 
- T-flash stored in MMC & static image format: JPEG 
- Infrared & night vision function enable 
- Up to 50 people sharing functions 
- Master reset function & password changes 
- Photography, video & sound recording 
- Loudspeakers & high quality recording mic

Celcom 3G Mobile Eye, Rotatable Camera, CMOS Sensor, 800 x 600 Pixels, Horizontal Rotate by Remote Control, Infrared Sensitivity, Real Time Monitor, Remote Control by SMS

This 3G CAMERA is the latest in home security products. 
This security system features the ability to connect to your local 3G network allowing for not only live broadcasts to your phone but it also allows you to remotely control the system without even being near your home.

Going on a trip out of the state, or even out of the country? Not a problem with this device.

Anywhere that you have a signal on your cell phone you can control your home security system as well as receive updates and alerts should anything trip the motion sensor or included magnet door/window alarm.


Network: UMTS
Rotatable Camera:
CMOS censor
Support 800x600 in snap shot mode
Horizontal rotate by remote control
Infrared sensitivity 
Video Record: 
Remote control by Host through SMS
Audio record by Host remote control through SMS
Infrared support 
Audio Record:
Remote control by Host through SMS 
Snap Shot:
Remote control through SMS
Auto MMS send back
800x600 JEPG format
Infrared support 
External memory: microSD Slot (up to 512MB) 
Battery Life
Standby Time 
Standby Time up to 200 hours 
Video Call 
Up to 2.2 hours (Talk and standby time will be dependent upon network and battery condition) 
Video Record 
Up to 8 hours with 64MB MicroSD card 
Video Telephony: 
Real time video
QCIF format, at least 15/15 fps (DL/UL)
Security by Host SMS setting
Muting audio during call


Multi share numbers setting (up to 50 number)
Password setting
Status report
Full memory note
Real time monitor
Infrared sensitivity
Video recording
Photo taking (1.3mp 800x600)
Audio record
Infrared night mode
Remote control by SMS

Item Includes:

1 x Celcom 3G Mobile Eye
1 x Adapter
1 x Manual

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