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720P Vehicle Blackbox DVR
720P Vehicle Blackbox DVR
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product Details:


Dual channel simultaneous recording and displaying on screen

1. G-Sensor When the gravity acceleration reaches 6g (1g = 9.8m/sec^2), F20 will automatically keep the images before and after the impact interval as undeletable file to preserve the evidence.

2. SOS Emergency Button acts as the same as G-Sensor when pressed.

Each recorded file folder is automatically linked and merged to keep the integrity of images without losing any instant.

3. 2.7” 16:9 HD display without distortion, both of the cameras can have 180rotation

4.  H.264 image compression technique

5.  Day/Night filming mode switch: Press a button to switch the day/night mode to solve the over exposure issue during night time. By night mode, the tag of front car can be filmed clearly without problems.

6. 30fps or 60fps smooth images with no delay or blur.

7. Plug-n-Play HD PC CAMERA

8. Independent filming angle adjustment/rotation of the two cameras.

9. IR LED for nigh vision

10. Cyclic recording mode with no memory run out issue.

11. Motion detection

12. Automatic recording when the vehicle starts, charging while recording.

13. HDMI and TV out supported

14. Remote control supported

Technical Specifications

Image sensor CMOS WXGA HD sensor

Video resolution HD/30fps or H_HD/60fps

Language Traditional & simplified ChineseEnglishRussian, Japanese, Korean

LCD display 2.7 169 TFT

Memory TF card up to 32GB

Focus range 12cm ~

Photo format JPEG

Video format MOV

Audio Built in microphone and speaker


Battery Built-in 3.7V/ 600mAh lithium battery

Working temperature 0-40

Dimension 135x63x28.5mm (LxWxH)

Weight 125g

Accessories USB cableTV cable, charger (for car) mounting framemanualHDMI cable(optional)

 1.Power button 2.TF slot 3.HDMI port 4.MODE button

5.MENU button 6.SOS button 7.Charging indicator

8.Operation indicator 9.MIC 10.LCD display 11.remote sensor

12.Left button 13.Right button 14.REC/OK button

15.Micro USB port 16.TV OUT 17.Long range camera

18.Night vision IR LED 19.RESET button 20.Extra wide angle camera

21.Speaker 22.Mounting position 

Function Buttons

POWER       On and Off

MENU        Option menu of each operation mode

MODE        Switch operation mode and corresponding menu

REC/OK      Start/pause/OK (for menu)

Left Button  Press it shortly to switch between day/night mode when standby or operating. Press it longer to turn on/off night vision IR LED. The status will display on LCD when the button released.

Right Button Switch the camera to display

SOS          Emergency button


Installation & Operation

The installation is easy and flexible. The customer can put F30 on the front window with his/her preferred view angle. When the adapter is plugged into the car’s charger, F30 will start to work automatically when the car starts and switch off when the car is turned off.


F20 is built in with a 600 mAh lithium battery. It will take about 90minutes to charge it completely in off state. The battery can be charged when F20 is in operation. The working current is about 380mA for normal and 580mA for night vision operation.

On/Off and screen saver

1. Press the POWER button for 3 seconds to turn on/off F20. The display will show “Turning Off…” when turned off.

2. Press the POWER button shortly can turn on/off the LCD display for saving energy.

NoteIf the message Turning Off…” is not shown on the display, just the LDC display is turned off, not the F20.

Date/Time Setup

Press the ”MENU” button to enter setup mode, press the “MODE” button to bring up the setup menu. Pick “Date/Time” option, use “MODE”, “Right”, “Left” buttons to adjust the right date and time. Press “OK” button to confirm and activate the settings.

Video Recording Mode

1.Video is the default mode when powered up, the“   ” icon on the left upper corner will flash.

2.Press “REC” button to pause/resume the recording operation

3.Press and hold the Left button to turn on/off the night vision IR LED (taking affect when the button released).

4.Press the Left button to switch in between day/night recording mode.

5.Press the Right button to switch the camera displayed.

6. “H_HD” high resolution mode is preferred for the smooth filming during high speed motion.

7. In case of contingency, press “SOS” button to keep the video evidence from being overwritten.

Photo Mode

Press “MODE” button once switches to photo taking mode. The upper left corner of the display will show   icon. There are three resolutions 1M,2M,and 3M for choice. Photo mode works only with the wide angle camera.

Playback Mode

1.Press “MODE” to enter the playback mode to check the video images taken.

2.Press “MODE” will stop the playback.

3.Press “MENU” for delete option can delete the selected file.

Connection F20 to a PC via USB cable will have the following options shown.


1.USB_Disk press “OK” for USB back up operation

2.PC_Camera press “OK” for using F20 as a PC camera

3.REC_Mode press “OK” for normal video recording peration

IR LED for Night Vision

Press and hold the Left button for about 3 seconds to turn on/off the IR LED for night time filming purpose.

Menu and Mode

Menu Mode

Resolution (Filming HD/H_HD

Resolution Photo 1M/2M/3M

Filming Interval 2min/5min/10min/Off

Second Camera Off/On

White Balance Auto/Sunny/Fluorescence/Cloudy/Incandescence

Exposure                      -3/-2/-1/0/1/2/3

Color Adjustment None/Gray Scale/Negative/Classical/Light Green

Motion Detection 30sec/2min/5min/Off

Time Stamp Off/On

Voice Recording Off/On

Filming when Turned on Off/On

Language Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English/Russian/Japanese/Korean

Frequency 50Hz/60Hz

Date & Time /

Reformat Confirm/Cancel

Default Setup Confirm/Cancel

Software version /

NotePlease check the package as listed below.


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