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Bluetooth Earpiece Spy Ear
Bluetooth Earpiece Spy Ear
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product Details:


Bluetooth Earpiece Spy Earreceives signal, by inductive coil, across electromagnetic fields
Receiving distance: 50 70 cm (not for Bluetooth solution)
Standard Zinc-air battery: type 5 1,4 volt; type 10 - 1,4 volt or type 312 - 1,4 volt
Battery life: from 50 to 100 hours
Audio bandwidth: from 200 Hz to 4 KHz
Size: 12 X 6 X 5 mm.
Working frequency : ALL FREQUENCIES
Distance between inductive coil and secret ear: about 70-100 cm.

HOW does it work?

The mini ear receiver in your ear is a laud speaker, in another words, by mini ear receiver you can hear some who is on the other side of the gsm line. The mini ear receiver is in wireless connection with the special hands free around your neck. This hands is a microphone and some who is on the other side of gsm line can hear your voice or your whisper and all sounds sorrounding you. By mini ear receiver you can hear your partner from the other side of the gsm line, by Special handsfree you can talk to someone.


HOW to use it?

1. Put the battery like on the picture, before put in earpiece in your ear, please clean very good your ear canal.
2. Set loopset at your neck and connect it to device - Mobile phone, MP3 Player or other device .
3. Close the battery case and put the earpiece at your ear.

4. Make connection with other person which you want to communicate. 

Bluetooth Earpiece Spy Ear

For better sound quality please make these steps:

1. Clear your ear canal.

HOW does it work?
2. Before put in earpiece at your ear, please dial service number (if you use it with mobile phone). Then start to put in earpiece at your ear with round movement at your ear. Some people directly put in earpiece in their ear and then can`t hear nothing, because they are not put in correct at their ear.

3. Set volume at maximum for better sound quality.

4. Use earpiece and loopset at short distance.

Package includes:

Micro Earpiece Secret Ear
Bluetooth collar
USB battery charger

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