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Smoke Alarm 3G Video Camera
Smoke Alarm 3G Video Camera
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product Details:


This unique camera module is professionally manufactured to provide a high level of dependability that you can rely on. Covertly installable into many devices the 3G camera unit provides a level of remote monitoring functionality never before available.

Make a video call to it from any 3G phone to view the live video and audio footage around the camera unit. Any number and type of sensors can be factory fitted to work wirelessly with the unit to provide video calls to a pre registered phone number when triggered. 

This unit is delivered with a camera and microphone. It works with any 3G SIM card over any 3G Network, without any hidden charges. A hole within the wire mesh of the smoke alarm allows the camera lens to view the required area.

Power is provided to 12 volt connectors. Phone numbers can be authorised to call the unit after deployment using one of a number of SMS commands from any previously registered mobile phone. Similarly, numbers can be deleted, and battery or signal strength of the covert unit can be retrieved on request. 

Smoke Alarm 3G Video Camera Unit


Install the unit in a device of choice to remotely monitor:

Internal or External premises;
Department Stores.





Live video and audio to phone Allows an authorised phone to call in to the Live video from any
distance, works on any
global 3G network.
Take Pictures and
deliver to phone
Send a text message "SNAP" along with a PIN
code and take up to 10 pictures at intervals set
by user.
Pictures sent to a mobile
phone over MMS and
saved to memory card.
Remotely receive live
video calls with audio
upon the trigger of a
Allows linking to a sensor (or number of
sensors) that will dial to the pre programmed
phone number(s) when triggered.
Immediate video
notification when a breakin
occurs, allows
Record live video and
audio direct to any
external DVR/VCR
Connect your phone AV output socket to any
suitable recording device.
Recorded video evidence
Alter the settings of
the camera unit
remotely using SMS
Use SMS commands to remotely change the
settings on the camera unit, such as adding and
deleting authorised callers, changing the PIN
code etc.
Remotely and dynamically
change the settings whilst
camera is in place.


3G video transmission camera;
Live video and audio;
Still Pictures;
3G video calling from anywhere in the world;
Works on any network;
Fully portable;
Fully self contained;
Power Options;
12V DC;
Extended camera lead;
Extended Microphone;
SMS remote setup;
Recording option;
Intelligent LEDs;

diagram, picture

diagram, picture




  • Enclosure: Smoke Alarm;
  • Network:(3G) WCDMA,GSM 900/1800/1900
  • Material: ABS;
  • Video Resolution: 1.3M Pixel;
  • Comm. Network: UMTS, Bluetooth;
  • SIM Card: Any network;
  • Lens: Wide;
  • Fixing Screws: 4 x Ø3.5mm;
  • L x W x H (mm): Ø125 x 80mm;
  • Power supply: 12 v DC;
  • Operating power: 12V DC;
  • Backup Battery: Lithium;
  • 1000mA/h Max;
  • Auto-Recovery: Yes;
  • External Memory Up to 2GB;
  • Image Size 100kB.


Package Contents


  • 1x Camera Unit;
  • 1 x 12v power lead;
  • 1 x Camera lead;
  • 1 x Microphone;
  • 1 x Detachable lens.
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